Monday, May 05, 2008

Susan's Sox - Part 2

This is the second pair of socks I knit for my knitting group friend Susan. She bought the yarn. It is Opal. I think it knit up quite lovely and much different than it appeared in the ball! (Had no idea those solid bands were lurking within!)

I will give them to her on Wednesday when our group meets. I hope she likes them!
I'll be interested to know if she has a preference for one construction versus the other (top down or toe up....)

Even though I did this pair from the toe up, I still ended up with quite a bit of yarn left over. First, these are knit to fit a woman's size 6.5 (US) sized foot. Secondly, since the yarn was in one 100g ball, I was still nervous on the first sock not to exceed the "half-way point" of the yarn and only made the leg/cuff about 7" long. Looking back, I could've easily made the leg lengths at least 9".

Anyone have any suggestions on how to solve that dilema?

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