Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Dark, Dark Secret

They say confession is good for the soul.

I have a secret. A dark, dark secret of which I'm a bit embarrassed.

I am addicted to the Wii form of crack cocaine......

I know I should be able to put up the Wiimote and turn off the game console.
"Should" being the key word.

I SHOULD be able to, but so far I'm having a very hard time doing it.

I like watering all the flowers. Shaking the trees to see how much money and/or secret presents will fall out. Going to get a coffee at Brewsters every morning. (Hey, I haven't been to Starbucks in 2 weeks!!) Digging for fossils and finding gyroids. Shopping for cute clothes. Rearranging the furniture and hanging new wallpaper. Running errands for neighbors. Fishing. Shooting down gift-bearing balloons. Sending and receiving mail. Hopping on the bus to ride into to the city.
(Oh gosh, there's so many fun things to do, I can't list them all! It's TOTALLY awesome!)

I even got a pink KNIT hat!

Shoot, there's so much fun stuff to do, I could stay on there for hours!

Besides, the game continues to evolve with the days and seasons. There are special festivals and town events to participate in! (I might win a TROPHY some day!)

And if I don't keep things up the weeds will grow, bugs will invade my home, and I may wake up with "bed head!"

I've GOT to keep playing, or the game will win.

And we can't have that, can we???

People, if you haven't been exposed to this Wii game, my advice is to run in the opposite direction if you see it. I am living proof that it only takes once. One little peek of someone else playing it when you're visiting them....and you can't say no, no matter how hard you try.

No matter how much you know you SHOULD.....

It's crack for the Wii....I'm telling you.

ETA: What luck! I just discovered an Animal Crossing group on RAVELRY! Yahoo!! Even MORE fun! Now I have the potential to visit friends! I may NEVER sleep!

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Val M. said...

How can you possibly get any knitting done if you're constantly on the Wii? Your gifts for next Christmas are going to suffer... AND you've got a graduation party to plan...
We don't have that game yet. Wii playing in our house goes in spurts. It's left untouched for weeks, then suddenly one of them remembers that we have it and then they're in my bedroom constantly playing the games. Why it's in my bedroom is beyond me, but it is. That's the biggest tv we've got, so there it is. I only play when Meri asks me to play with her. Usually she's got a neighbor friend over to play with on it. I do get hooked tho, throwing plungers...
The current BIG thing that my youngest is addicted to is the Webkinz toys. You have to get on the internet every day to play with your virtual pets, or they'll get sick and die. What kind of a scam is that for a little kid to live with?? We were out of town for 2 days last week and she was panicking that she needed to get on anyones internet so she can let them know they're loved...