Friday, February 27, 2009

Pink Flamingos and Brach's Candy

What do pink flamingos and Brach's candy have to do with anything?

More particularly, what might they have to do with knitting?

Well, I wasn't sure I'd ever shown a picture of the needle holders my kids made me for mother's day last year. I currently have the pink flamingo pair in action holding my latest sock project.

As you can see, they keep the sock from falling off the needles while it rides around in my bag or sits around on the couch waiting for me. (This also keeps the sharp dpn's from piercing the sofa or legs or paws of those using the couch!)

I decided to start a fun project to break the winter blues cycle I seemed to be stuck in. When I visited my stash, I found this fun Trekking XXL yarn waiting for me!

I ordered it from Simply Socks Yarn Company (web store) many months ago. I remember it was described as the "Brach's Candy" colorway. It is SO FUN to see how the colors come out! It is turning out to be a fibery sweet treat like none other. I've used Trekking before....gotta say, "LOVE IT!"

The dpn holders are made from two finger puppets secured together with elastic cording. You can adjust the length of the elastic cord to suit the length of dpn needles you use (shorter or longer). It's a brilliant idea, and they do work wonderfully!

I'm off to dream about sweet, sweet tropical destinations while knitting my socks.(Or who's yard might need some pink flamingos!)

Happy Knitting!


Lorna said...

OOOOh! I love that coconut candy it is soooo good.

Allison said...

Is that a fun knit? I knit the same yarn a few months ago and wear the socks often.

mcstitch said...

Adorable! And SWEET! I'm looking for pink flamingos for a 50th birthday this summer... but he's not really into knitting. I think I need to find some for his front yard.

kshotz said...

I confess I get a yearning for the candy every time I pull these out to work on them! (So far resistance is working!) I am having a lot of fun with this yarn, always something new! I've found my other Trekking socks hold up well to the wear, so I'm excited to get this pair finished. need to check out the Oriental Trading Company catalog! LOTS of pink flamingos in there!!

Johnthefinder said...

I love these plastic flamingos! I have a whole flock on my lawn!