Monday, June 15, 2009

Latvian Mittens

I had a productive weekend in the knitting department!

The second mitten went much quicker than the first since my fingers sort of knew what they were doing. (Plus, I didn't have to fiddle around forever trying to figure out that loopy fringe bit!)

The simple pattern on the hand section really did wonders for helping me get the feel for color work holding two yarns, one in each hand. I think the floats had better tension on the second mitt as well.

Granted these are sized to fit a youth, not an adult. I'd say someone in the age range of 8-12 years old, depending. (They are too small for anyone in this house.)

I did have concerns about the amount of white yarn, thus I made the thumbs all blue. Good thing I did, because when I finished mitt #2 there were only 1.5 yds or so left of the white. I doubt it would have been enough to finish two thumbs.

I think I may try some of my Knit Picks Palette yarn on the next pair. It's fingering weight, however I'm convinced that the patterns are calling for what we would think of as fingering/sock yarn weight, rather than sport weight. (This was supposed to be a "child's" mitten to fit a 5 year old.....obviously too big, although I knew the gauge was off.)

Anyway, I'm really thrilled to have accomplished this, my first (and certainly not last) pair of Latvian mittens!

Happy Knitting!

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