Wednesday, June 10, 2009


When life hands you cloudy skies and skid loaders in front of the building you're supposed to photograph, shoot the robin in your driveway.

I'm trying to get a photo of a new bank here in town. It's still under construction, but they need a shot for an ad and promotional piece that is in the works.

The weather is not cooperating for that lovely "blue sky and fluffy white clouds" picture-perfect background!

And the contractor has left big equipment parked all around the exterior of the building. (I am not kidding! There is no angle on this building site that doesn't have some sort of equipment screwing up the photo!)

I pulled into my driveway feeling a bit "harumphy" (that's the mood which accompanies the sound "hhrmph!") This robin flew up onto the fence and stared at me through the windshield.

When I failed to exit the vehicle immediate (s)he began to sing. So I snapped a quick picture [not the best focus, to be sure!] and felt at least I captured something!

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