Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Reverse 911

Well, it looks innocent enough right now.

(click on photo to make bigger!)

The view out my front door shows the white stuff is coming down yet again. It's piling up....I'd say we have 2" already and the height of the storm is supposed to be this evening when most the accumulation will take place.

However, the county sherrif and local police department just "reverse 911" called us with a recorded message warning about the weather and the deteriorating roads over the next 24-36 hours and advised no travel.

Yikes! I had no idea that they could do that, but I think it's kind of nice/cool. I hope it will keep people home and safe.

Looks like knit night is off again.....darn it!

(here's one with a slower shutter speed in hopes of catching the falling snow...which just looks like blurry white lines. Oh well!)


McVal said...

what's a reverse 911? We got dumped on snow-wise too. YUCK!

kshotz said...

Reverse 911 is when the Emergency Management people use an auto dialer to call all the homes in the 911 area with a recorded message to get the word out about an this case the bad weather/roads.