Saturday, January 30, 2010

Socks Are Go!

Well, I put it out there in the universe via the blogosphere that I intended to complete (by the end of January) the socks from the sock blank I received from a friend on the west coast and......


"I did it! I did it! Yeah, I did it!" (Apologies to Dora the Explorer.)

Here is one from a side angle:

I like the way the blue subtly striped along the cuff.

I knit them from the toe up because I wanted to try using up all the yarn for once. The cuffs will have to be rolled as they go too far up my calf without any sizing and I don't want to stretch out the bind off too much. (That's ok, I haven't worn socks that far up my calves in quite some time anyway!)

I'm glad to have completed them because they really do feel lovely on my feet. The yarn is very soft and the socks are quite thick, yet supple. Really nice!

On to the scarf I'm doing in brioche rib. I can knock that out of the park tomorrow and be on to the afghan in no time!

Happy knitting!


Caffeine Girl said...

Congratulations on the socks! They turned out very cute!

I have a question about the blanket kit from the last entry. I've been eying that project, but the yarn for it is a handwash. How does one handwash an afghan?

kshotz said...

That's a good question! (Honestly hadn't even thought of it...) I'm wondering if the delicate cycle on my washer will work? I know I do some of my "hand wash" hand knit socks that way and they've been fine....

If anyone has a good suggestion on caring for the afghan though, please leave a comment!!

McVal said...

They're so snuggly warm looking and identical!! Good job!