Monday, February 01, 2010

Hungry For More

If you Google "brioche" you're likely to find lots of yummy photos and recipes for a delicious, sweet French bread. Brioche makes the most delicious French toast and bread pudding!

However, brioche is also a stitch in knitting, one that seemed to have an aura of mystique about it. Naturally, I had to give it a go!

I chose to learn the basic brioche stitch to a scarf in the yarn DH bought me for my birthday last month. It's a lovely moss green tweed from Queensland Collection called Kathmandu Aran. It is 85% merino, 10% silk and 5% cashmere.

I think it looks lovely against my black, wool coat. And DH says it sets off the color in my eyes.

Here's a close-up look at the yarn and stitch:

Brioche is sometimes called "Prime Rib" or "Fisherman's Rib" and can be worked in a couple of different ways. The method I used involved bringing the yarn forward, slipping a stitch purlwise, then leaving the yarn forward and knitting the next stitch and it's "over wrap" together. You sort of have to forget the knitting rule about moving your yarn forward back in order to knit the next stitch(es)....but once you get it, it falls into rhythm quite nicely.

Knitters will notice that instead of the regular purl bumps between the raised knit stitch rows, there are slanting stitches, giving this rib a totally different look. It feels different too! It's a bit thicker and "loftier" than a normal rib.

I really like it and am pleased with the way this turned out!

One knitting goal for 2010 done....I learned a new stitch!

(Now I want to try some variations on brioche! Check out this beautiful brioche cable knit by ravelkate @ Ravelry!)

Happy Knitting!


Two Cables and a Frapp said...

I remember trying that stitch once. I also remember breaking the needles in half because it frustrated me (just kidding). The scarves are beautiful. Is the bottom one by Smariek ?

McVal said...


Marie-Jolie said...

Ooh, that cable brioche scarf is fantabulous!!!