Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Defining the Goal

I think it's important at this point in the Knitting Olympics to clarify my goal.

My goal for the games is to complete the New Traditions Afghan from Knit Picks.

It is made up of 12 blocks (6 each of two different patterns.) The games last for 17 days. In my mind that means if I complete 1 block a day, I should have 5 days left over to add on the borders and stitch the blocks together.

Thus "completing" the afghan.

What I need to clarify is this:

While the blocks are coming along swimmingly.......

(I have 5 and 1/3 of the 6 done!)

......the one small detail I forgot to factor in is this:

(all the darned finishing work of weaving in tail ends this pattern involves!!!)

So, I have decided that my original goal still pertains, as long as we all understand that a completed project means having all the knitting and sewing together done, but may/will lack the fine detail of having all the ends woven in.

Happy Knitting!


Cathy said...

Does that mean I can skip havving buttons sewed on my cardi I'm working on?

(Note--this may be a moot point. I'm wondering if I'm going to finish on time, and wonering what possessed me to think a cable and lace cardi to fit my large frame on US4s was a good idea to start with.)

kshotz said...

I think it does mean just that Cathy! You're so brave to tackle a sweater for your project.

I've only made myself one sweater (I'm an XL or 2X, depending on the pattern)....and it was on size 7 or 8 needles. (I'm not happy with it by the way...adds too much bulk to my the smaller needles is my next option!)

McVal said...

Shows how much I knit... but... can't you just tie them in a knot? That's what I've done for crochet stuff.. Maybe that's why I don't blog about knitting, huh?

Cathy said... large frame, I wasn't really stating a size, just describing. The size sweater I'm knitting is for a 54" chest. Mine isn't that big, but chances are that I'm going to want to wear a cardi over sweatshirts or whatever in winter...and with my bulkiest sweater, my chest measures right at 50" which was the next size down. So....yeah. I have 4" of it knit now since it's all one piece until you get to the armholes. I think I need to make more time for it.