Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wisconsin Treats!

My postal carrier brought me a lovely package today!

It arrived from Madison, Wisconsin as the result of a lucky connection with a random number generator and a comment I left on a blog, Caffeine Girl. I really enjoy Deborah's blog (as I do so many!).

Included in the package was some beautiful yarn called "Sandy's Palette - Canadian Worsted." I will have to live with the yarn for a while to begin to see what it wants to be. (My initial thought is that it wants to be a hat, but we'll see....it might want to be a cowl....)

Also included were some very beautiful stitch markers made by Deborah, a Wisconsin Badgers water bottle, a key chain from Madison, a magnet of the state of Wisconsin, a "Badger Claw" (cashew, caramel and white chocolate treat - YUMMM!!) and some artisan, hand crafted dark chocolates made by a gal in Madison. What a wonderful box, all in celebration of Deborah's blogiversary!

Thank you so much!!!


McVal said...

Awesome! You lucky!

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Very nice !