Sunday, July 22, 2007

It Is Finished

Well, I finished the scarf with 2 hours and twenty minutes to spare before the midnight release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. My son was able to wear it to pick up his book.

Here it is: (from above)

and this is what you see when looking at it from the level:

That is my copy of the book with the scarf. After 17 hours of reading I finished the final installment of Harry Potter. While I, like J.K. Rowling, LOVED the book....I think I need some time yet for all that happened to fully sink in. My DD was in tears to think our journey with Harry has come to an end. He is the first character in my childrens' lives to have felt like a part of the family for so long. (I can only imagine how much more intense this must be for Rowling!! My goodness!!)

If anyone British reads this, I'd love to know what McGonagal's phrase r.e. Snape means (as it is not, in fact, a common phrase in the US) "done a bunk"???????????
I have a feeling it's very funny, whatever it is!

Well, now I must go.

Happy Knitting and Shooting!


kshotz said...

Aha! I googled the phrase and discovered "done a bunk" is basically the same as "gone AWOL."

Gotta love the internet!

N. Maria said...

Love your scarf!! I love illusion knitting. I designed a scarf for hubby's V-Rod motorcycle. Maybe I should blog about it ~

Synnøve S. said...

Welcome to the illusion knitting group (yahoo9. I love your scarf.
Best wishes from Synnøve in Norway.

Tabitha said...

Done a bunk means to leave without permission. Great illusion knitting. My kids would want one of these if I showed them the photo.

Chris Furuya said...

The illusion knitting is awesome! I'm googling it to see how to do it myself.