Monday, February 25, 2008

Knitting Lives

One of the sad things about modern living is how scattered families have often become in this mobile society. It is rare to find two or three generations of family living within a few miles of one another or even in the same city or state. My sister lives in the same small town as my mother, grandmother and uncle. But the sad truth is that even they don't see one another that often. Lives get busy. The small choices we make on a daily basis tend to become habit. People and circumstances change. Occasionally conflict occurs and relationships grow distant no matter the physical proximity.

These things happen to family who have actually moved to places far removed from one another too. Where you are in the stages of life often dictates that your own lifestyle may not be the same as those of your parents or children. I have seen this not only in my own life, but also in the lives of those with whom I have worked.

It takes work and intentional effort to maintain familial bonds.

You wouldn' t think this was the case. Most of us assume that being family comes naturally and easily. Not so. We choose to make our relationships what they are, even (and perhaps especially) those which are nearest and dearest to us.

So that's why I gave up knitting time on Sunday. I chose to spend some time making sure I was knitting lives together instead. We visited my brother and his family.

He cooked THE most delicious meal I've had in quite some time. (Everyone should get a copy of the Famous Dave's cookbook!) I enjoyed kicking back, visiting and watching our children build their collective life together while watching movies, building snow forts and generally having a good time together.

I hope and pray that they will always consider themselves "close" in a way I don't with my cousins. I hope and pray that I can maintain close, healthy relationships with my siblings (just as I hope my two will remain close in their adult years as well).

And mostly I hope that my niece and nephew (like my two children) will know how very, very much Aunt Kim loves them!

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