Friday, April 17, 2009

If I Had $$$$

I had the pleasure of doing a one-on-one tutoring session r.e. digital photography with an acquaintance from church. She knew that I had been doing photography and writing since leaving my call as her pastor. She also purchased a new digital SLR and wanted someone to teach her how to use it one-on-one with camera in hand, unlike her class experience at the local community college.

I was very happy to oblige. I love photography and I love helping others to love photography too. Also I like the challenge of learning a new camera system. As it happens I am most familiar with Nikon products since that's what I use. She had a Cannon. It was fun to get my hands on one and compare/contrast.

Our time together did serve to remind me of what I'd do with an extra $800 if I had it just laying around (or suddenly found myself the receipient of an unexpected windfall)......

I've been secretly (Doug might say "not so secretly!") coveting the Nikon D60 digital SLR for quite some time now. Having looked at and compared the D40, D60, D80 and D90, I think the D60 is the best option for me. It has enough pixel power. It doesn't break the bank on pricing. It's a good size and weight.

I really, really, really wish I could afford to get one!

I often hear people express surprise over the fact that I currently shoot with a high-end point-and-shoot digital rather than a digital SLR. I take that as a compliment to my abilities as a photographer and chalk another one up to the old addage that it's not the camera that makes great photos, it's the person behind the lens. (Still, on some level, having a good camera does help!)

Happy Friday!!

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