Saturday, April 25, 2009


At my high school, eons ago, the prom was a Senior Prom. So unless you were dating someone older, you had to wait until senior year to attend. As it turned out, I didn't end up going to prom, but went out with friends for a less expensive evening of pizza and a movie.

Here, the school offers a Jr./Sr. Prom. Amanda opted not to go last year. This year she's going with a gaggle of girlfriends. We went and got her hair done this afternoon which was fun. She picked her dress out last year (or even the year before, I can't remember!) She looks great, as do her friends.

Here they are!

They're headed out for Chinese food and the dance, which is taking place at a local historical location (not the high school gym). They should have a fun evening!

Hopefully everyone will have a safe, fun evening without incident or accident(especially the automobile kind!)


McVal said...

Beautiful! Amanda and her friends look great! What's the deal with all the kids this year choosing Chinese for prom night food? Ryan did the same thing.
Did Amanda do the after prom party? There was a hypnotist at Ryan's.

kshotz said...

The school didn't have an after prom Amanda was home by 12:15. Next Saturday they have an event that is for the senior class starts with dinner at the Country Club, then an all-night party/lock-in at the mall. Lots of parental supervision and a drug/alcohol free event with lots of entertainment/activities. It should be fun!

Glad Ryan's evening was a success!! I always end up doing lots of praying during prom season. Too many car accidents and kids getting killed just before graduation. I breathe a sigh of relief when the ones I'm close to are all home ok!!!!!!

McVal said...

I've given you an award at my blog.