Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More Malabrigo

This caught my eye several months ago.

It sat at the top of my stash for a few months while trying to get me to pick up on the vibe it was sending me as to what it wanted to become.

Apparently my project radar was down for a while as I was unable to figure out what this beautiful brown and blue Malabrigo wanted to be.

So, I took it with me to knit night at the shop where I adopted it.

There, my LYS owner, Leslie, and I scoured books for inspiration. We narrowed it down to a couple of scarves (because Malabrigo is totally wasted if you don't get to feel it close to you!!)

I decided on this Criss-Cross Stitch Scarf.

It's about four inches wide and four and a half feet long. Here's a close up of the stitch pattern:

It's very easy, mindless knitting. I really like what the stitch pattern is doing for the color way/varigation.

I've decided this colorscheme reminds me of Siamese or Persian cats with their blue eyes (even if the browns are a bit too dark!)

On another note: I taught my first sock knitting class last night. Six ladies attended and it was really fun! We meet again in 2 weeks with cuffs/legs completed and ready to learn how to make a heel flap and and turn a heel!

Hope your projects are coming along swimmingly!

Happy Knitting!


Mary LeMaster said...

love love love the scarf pattern!!
I need a sock class!!! LOL Sounds fun!

Cathy said...

Socks are awesome. I tend to be a bit surprised when people need a class though. I guess I've always been the fearless overachiever, and my whole theory on knitting is--it's sticks and some string. I'm smarter than it, and I will win. Eventually. And even if I frog, I still have sticks and string, and I can start over.

Yeah. I found a basic sock pattern a few months after I learned to knit, and thus started the long addiction that has about 3 pairs in partial states of completion, and at least a dozen pair in the sock drawer,

Marie-Jolie said...

That's a fantastic way to use variegated yarn! Brilliant!!!

McVal said...

LOVE that stitch! It looks like a woven piece! Beautiful yarn.