Monday, March 01, 2010

Oh So Close

Well, the Knitting Olympics has drawn to a close and I'm afraid I did not earn a medal.

I feel I came oh so close and truly gave it an olympic effort, however, I fell short of having a completed afghan at the close of the day yesterday.

Here's where my efforts got me at day's end:

All squares are knit. (Yeah! This in itself was quite a goal given the fact I do have a life other than knitting and ended up with 2 days of unforeseen travels which took out my ability to knit!)

8 of the 12 squares have their first round of edging done. I think this will be the slowest part of putting the pieces together as the rest of the edge colors will have much easier to sort out and pick up stitches in lovely bound-off rows. (Unlike the first edge, which is being picked up rather slowly in an attempt to get it somewhat even across!)

I do LOVE the colors, as well as the pattern. It will definitely cheer up the living room on cold, wintry nights.

(However, now that it's March, we're not going to acknowledge the potential for more cold, wintry nights!)

Happy knitting (even if there are no medals involved!)


McVal said...

Judging from the cat... it will make a very nice sized lap blanket for the couch!
Beautiful! Gold metal in my book!

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Don't be so hard on yourself. You did great and those squares are beautiful !!!

Cathy said...

You got much closer than I did. And what did I do as soon as the Olympics were over? I had startitis and immediately cast on a sock.

McVal said...

Hey - you've got an award on my blog today!