Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Caught A Bug

The semi-annual travel bug seems to have bitten again. I'm in the mood to hit the road! Since we don't have time away scheduled for weeks yet, I'm settling for revisiting past vacations. I've been working my way through some photo enhancing tutorials for photoshop and played around with some of my favorite photos. Enjoy!

From last year's trip to St. Louis . . .

. . . visiting the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis.

My personal favorite destination, Colorado:

Rocky Mountain National Park (Estes Park, CO)

Along the road from Vail to Leadville, CO

A view of the mountains from the cabin in Tennessee:

The beach of the cabin we rented in the Keweenaw on the Upper Penninsula of Michigan:

The world is such a beautiful place, and I've seen such a miniscule part of it! Can't wait to get out on the open road and see more!

Happy shooting/travels/knitting!


McVal said...

That photo of Estes Park looks like a puzzle I once did! All of them beautiful!

Caffeine Girl said...

That picture of the Colorado mountains is amazing!