Tuesday, May 04, 2010

A Visitor!

We have been treated to a show by nature the last two days.

Last fall I noticed something near the roots of the iris bed which I assumed a dog had left behind. (Albeit a dog with a HIGH fiber diet!)

Then yesterday morning when I went out to take DS to school, we saw this in the iris bed.

(As a reference, the body of this moth is the size of my thumb.)

After that we left town to move DD home from college. (Don't ask me how the first year can be over already.....it seems like we just moved her in!!)

I did a little research on line with Iowa State Extension last night when we discovered our furry little visitor was still on the iris. It is a polyphemus moth, the 2nd largest moth/insect in the state of Iowa.

Much to my surprise, it's still here this morning. Today it has taken full shape and looks like this.

Isn't it lovely?? I'm not sure I've ever seen one of these before and I think it's amazing. We had a cold night last night, so I'm glad to see it gathering some solar energy this morning.

The web info says they hang in one spot during the day, then fly at night. Apparently the adult moths only live for a couple of weeks because they are unable to eat. Their sole purpose for those 14 days is to reproduce.

Off to work now!
Happy shooting/knitting!


Caffeine Girl said...

Those are amazing photos of the moth. What a cool thing for a kid to see!

I know what you mean about DD coming home so soon. Mine flies back on Sunday!

McVal said...

That's so cool you did some research on it!
It'll be great for you having DD home!

Permission to Unwind said...

My goodness, what a treat! That's a beauty. :)