Saturday, May 08, 2010


I finished knitting the Citron shawlette several days ago and never got around to photographing it. (I haven't blocked it yet either, so perhaps that explains the lack of photo....)

I knit it from Knit Picks Kettle Dye Shadow (100% Merino) in the Grasshopper colorway. (I kept calling it lettuce because it reminded me of young, spring lettuce....but alas, it's called Grasshopper.)

My guage is off a bit, so I think this one will be a tad smaller than called for. (The pattern wanted 6 spi and I was getting 7 spi with the US #6 needle.) I started a second one using a US #7 in hopes of getting correct guage this time.

I like the look of this little shoulder warmer. It's a very easy knit. However the last dozen rows with 550+ stitches per row tend to take a while.

The pattern can be found at if you're interested!

Happy knitting!

ps....on the moth front: she laid a bunch of eggs in the iris bed before disappearing. We'll see what comes of her efforts.


McVal said...

LOVE it! Does blocking it make it larger? or flatter?

kshotz said...

Hi Val! Blocking may add a little to the dimensions, but mostly it helps keep things in the correct shape and deters rolling, etc. I think it will smooth the areas between the "poofy" spaces (which have extra stitches to give them that effect.) I'm hoping some gentle blocking on the ruffle will help it to "unfurl" a bit.

Permission to Unwind said...

Gorgeous! I really love that shawl. :)