Thursday, May 27, 2010

For the Record

It always amazed me when we would take trips with the youth at church the number of kids who had not been away from either this town, this county or this state. I realized quickly how lucky I've been to have grown up in a family where we got to vacation every year. (Granted, many of those vacations were spent here in Iowa, not far from home at Iowa's Great Lakes....Okoboji, but we managed to insert a few trips to neighboring states from time to time as well.)

I'm also fortunate to have married someone who likes to travel too. And we've been very blessed to be able to take our kids on the road for a vacation each year as well. Travel widens your perspective. It allows you to broaden your mind. When you visit places different than where you from you have the chance to become more inclusive, tolerant and compassionate. It also makes you appreciate things about your own native spot as well. (I really believe Iowa is a beautiful place with great things to see and do!)

I opened my map and colored in the places we've visited.

It made me realize that there are regions of the country I have yet to explore! I've always wanted to visit New England and the Pacific Northwest. (Of course, Hawaii and Alaska!!) As the kids get off to college and traveling during parts of the year OTHER than summer becomes feasible, I'm sure DH & I will get the chance to see parts of the south and desert SW too. (Too hot for me in summer!!)

I've only been to one province of Canada too. Would love to see British Columbia and Newfoundland (& Prince Edward Island!) [Did anyone else see that PBS program a few years ago where they traveled across Canada by rail from east to west? It made me want to follow the same route!]

Well, enough dreaming of the open road for now. It's time to get to work!

Happy trails!


McVal said...

Have fun planning your vacation! Don't know what we're doing yet. Might be a staycation... and day trips. I told Robb if we do that and we're home, there will be no computers... He said that kind of vacation very well may suck.

Caffeine Girl said...

One of my all-time favorite vacations was to the western coast of Newfoundland and the eastern coast of Labrador. Truly off the beaten path -- and beautiful!