Saturday, May 01, 2010


Went out to photograph some bridges in the area for my son's engineering class today. Here are a few shots.

I also managed to capture the moment a train was crossing the high bridge. (And played around with it in Photoshop!)

A quick update on my father.....seems his surgery went well and he is doing well. He hopes to go home on Monday already!

In knitting news, I've completed the first four sections of the shawlette, Citron, from I'm using Knit Picks Shadow (lace weight merino) in the colorway, "Lettuce." It is going to be lovely, but a bit small as my gauge is off a bit. C'est la vie!

Happy shooting and knitting!

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McVal said...

Gorgeous pics! Why are you doing your son's homework? And I'm glad your dad is doing well!