Thursday, July 28, 2011

Completed LTC

This is the final outcome of the LTC I've been working on.

Trying to photograph the glitter effect in the angel's wings didn't really work too well, and resulted in a slightly blurry image--sorry about that!

This card will be given to folks who are giving $$ to help out another letterboxing family in need of assistance. People are sending $$ for raffle tickets to win an album full of LTCs made by some very talented carvers. Everyone who contributes, but doesn't win the big prize will get one of my LTCs (or that of two other volunteers) as a consolation prize.

I enjoyed this carve! It is, I believe, my most detailed to date. I hope those who receive them will like them too!


McVal said...

I've GOT to see some of your carvings in person. That is very impressive!

kshotz said...

Thanks! I am having SO much fun doing them!

Deborah said...

That is an amazing stamp! You did such a great job -- even carving words! Kudos.