Wednesday, July 06, 2011

In Knitting News - Primrose Socks

What I have been working on is Sarah Miller's pattern, Primrose from the Spring+Summer 2011 issue of

I'm using Knit Picks' Stroll Tonal yarn, which is a dream to work with. I'm doing the socks on Kollage Square needles, size U.S. #1.

The pattern was very tricky in the beginning. I found I had dropped a stitch and had to pull back the foot to where the toe shaping (stockinette stitch) ended and the pattern started four times. Finally, on the fifth try it clicked.

Then, I goofed up the heel shaping and simply had to improvise a combination heel of my choosing.

I think I discovered an error in the pattern on the round which sets up the leg pattern. I have emailed the designer to see, but forged ahead with what I believe is the correction.

One thing I have definitely learned. This is not a pattern I am readily able to work on at the coffee shop during sit-n-knit!

(Despite that, I love the sock and I'm glad for the challenge of something fun to knit!)

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