Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Creative Spark

a.k.a. the "Bag-O-Goodies!"

Never let me near the local artsy/craftsy place when I have half-baked projects lying around the house and I'm seeking inspiration.

That is precisely what happened to me this morning. I went to my weekly sit-n-knit with friends at the local coffee shop where I am also a barista some days. Although I did manage to have a muffin (Berry-berry, with whole wheat flour, three kinds of berries and a delicious oat streusel on top) and an iced coffee, I got pulled away from there before any knitting could be accomplished. (Awww, man!)

I did manage to get my DS some food and drink in him before delivering him to his very first day of work at his very first job (and hopefully calmed a few nerves as well!) On the way home I thought I would make a "quick" stop at the above mentioned craftsy place for a source of glue with which to adhere some fine glitter onto some Letterboxer Trading Cards (LTCs) I am donating to a good cause.

[At this point ask yourself this: does the bag in the photo above appear to only be holding glue?]

Now am I the only person who feels it is almost a moral imperative to visit the clearance areas of stores? Because if there's one thing I am, it's thrifty! And I often find, upon perusing said sale racks, that I have indeed forgetten one or twenty things I surely need--if not now, then in the next couple of months. (Again, am I alone in this?)

Well, after putting several things in my basket which were at least 50% of their original price (and usually much less!), I did make my way to the glue and paper products.

These are the purchases from the "Bag-O-Goodies" above which I'd like to reveal today:

I did find a precision glue pen which should work just right for applying the fine glitter I purchased at the dollar store right where I need it on the area of the carved image. (Product on the left.)

Just in case, I picked up two items for "back up." The first is at the top of the photo. It's glitter glue. Initial tests show that this give a nice effect, but it may blur the ink I used to stamp the image.

Plan "C" comes in the form of metallic gel pens. It won't have the same glittery effect, but I remembered another upcoming card I have in the works which is going to need a shiny spot of I felt I could justify this purchase because I already have at least two uses for the pens.

By the time I made it to the check-out counter, my quick stop for glue had lasted nearly thirty minutes. (In my defense, I avoided the area where they keep the publications! or I'm guessing I'd have been there longer.....)

I will fill you in on more items from the Bag-O-Goodies as I take them out to use them.

Right now, I'm off to work on my LTC project. I will post a completed image when I get one done!

What was your last inspired purchase? What items help you acheive your creative passions?

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McVal said...

He's got a job??! Good for him!
As for a bag-o-goodies... I got none. I'm looking forward to being inspired from Project Runway that started tonight. I won't get a chance to watch it til morning tho.