Monday, July 11, 2011

Spoilers Darling!

With respect to River Song (of Dr. Who), I want to warn any readers who may do letterboxing and who may potentially be getting any LTC's (Letterboxer Trading Cards) from me that images of some of my LTC's are posted below. (Although not all of them....some of them are so new I haven't gotten them mailed out, or even quite finished!)

Since my very first card is actually retired, all the copies that are going to be out there are already out I'll start with it.

The card is titled "For Nellie" and is an owl carved in memory of the owl that visited me on the day my grandmother passed away. For the background paper, I used a photo I had taken of bare trees a few winters ago.

Here are the others in no particular order:

American Pickers (this stamp now resides in the American Pickers box in Le Claire, IA. It was carved entirely by use of Exacto knife alone.)

Carved for a "newbie" swap...and sadly may be lost forever (the cards, not the stamp).

I carved these two Frank Lloyd Wright images just for fun. I also carved a chair he designed, but haven't done anything with that stamp yet.

A carve I did for a donation to someone's "rootbeer" series.

Here's one of the three stamps in my coffee houses series planted here in town. I made some LTC's with one stamp before putting it out in the wild!

A 'double wide' card done for an exchange involving favorite vacation memories. This one hasn't been distributed hopefully no spoilers!

Carved for an exchange that is still in progress. The stamp was sent to New Zealand and I will be interested to see what other images it leads to! (It is a carving of Pele, Hawaiian goddess of fire and dance who reigns over the Big Island where Kona coffee is grown!)

Drinks of Summer exchange. I received some really AWESOME cards back from others on this....many of which included recipes!

Finally, here's Max from Dr. Seuss' The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. Carved for an exchange of Dr. Seuss characters. I can't wait to see what I get in return!!

As I said, I have several other LTC's done and some more in the works. I will post more another time....but I suspect that's enough for now!

Happy boxing!


McVal said...

I had no idea you were so artsy! Where were you hiding all this talent?

Caffeine Girl said...

Your stamps just blow me away. I have to give this a try.