Thursday, January 03, 2008

Caucus Night

The Iowa Caucus is finished. I found it really kind of fun, certainly interesting, and even exciting for a couple moments.

I started in the Richardson group. We had 21 people to begin with. We needed 31 to be viable. We ended up having to disband and join our 2nd choice candidate. So I ended up with Edwards (who was my #1 choice in 2004).

Our precint had a record turnout of 201 people at the Democratic caucus.

I took knitting because I'd heard there would be long periods of nothing much happening. It didn't turn out to be true at all. I found a lot of neighbors and friends to chat with. We talked about how the issues were affecting us personally. (Mostly health care system related.)

When I got home (about 8:15 pm) I started in on the Girl's Best Friend sock from Knit Picks in their Pallette yarn. I got quite a ways through it only to discover I'd made a huge error in the pattern. It was ok though, because the gauge was off and I need to change needles anyway.

Off to bed now. Proud to have done my civic duty.

I will caucus again.

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