Sunday, January 20, 2008

New Spindle (& FO!)

I participated in a fun "Homemade/handmade spindle exchange" via a group on Ravelry. The rules were to make a spindle for less than $10, preferrably from things you could recycle from your home. Since I've never made a spindle, it seemed like a good chance for me to learn. Besides, any knowledge acquired along the way might go a long way toward helping me expand from the one store boughten spindle that I own.

The one made for me by a lovely person in NY state arrived on Friday, which also just happened to be my birthday! (BONUS!!!) Here it is:

I'm not sure if the whorl is wooden or not. Part of me believes it may have been fashioned from Fimo (or similar brand) clay and baked. At any rate, I thought it terribly clever to actually paint the dowel as well! (My poor recipient got a plane jane model all around!)

Since this spindle is lighter weight than the one I bought in my "Learn to Spin" kit, I thought I'd give a lighter weight yarn a spin. I think it's going to work splendidly!

After playing around with the spindle on Saturday while watching the forecast, I decided a little knitting was in order owing to the fact I couldn't find a hat to wear in the bitter cold weather that has enveloped our state. Here's the result.

I got inspired by a pattern I saw on However I decided to go with a different cable pattern from a stitch dictionary. Even though it's crappy acrylic yarn which has been in my stash for over 9 years, I think it will do the job of keeping my head warm. If anyone is interested I can type up the pattern and post it. Just say the word!

Happy Spinning & Knitting!
Stay warm!

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