Monday, January 14, 2008

Who Knew?

Every year for several years I made calendars for family (and sometimes friends) with my photos. These were used as Christmas gifts. As time passed I noted who used them and who didn't. I pared down the list.

This past Christmas I didn't make calendars.

I thought people might be tired of them.

I didn't want to "force" people to look at my photos all year....or even feel compelled to have to hang it up out of politeness.

My SIL was the first to mention how much she was going to miss it. "What type of calendar can I start collecting now when I already have so many lovely ones from you?" she asked.

Simple solution there. My DB's birthday is in January. So I made a calendar. Sent it early with a note: "Open'll see why."

They were thrilled!

Then the phone rang. It was my DS. "Did you not make calendars for us this year?"

"No, I didn't. Well, except that I got one complaint and made them one for JJ's birthday." (Confession comes quickly to me. I'm always ratting myself out. Besides, my brother displays his calendar in a very public place where I'm sure my DS would see it.)


[You know that awkward silence that occurs when you know there's more to be said....insert it here.]

She continued. "Well then I'm registering my complaint. I'm looking at mine from last year with all my stickies and post-its stuck to December, waiting to be added to the new one for 2008."

Ok! I get it. Some people really, truly do like my photos! They actually use the calendar and like getting one. (My siblings are the best!)

So I made another one for her office and ordered it last night.

Just opened my email. A note from my dad begins "I'm sitting here looking at that calendar you sent a couple years ago....I really liked those.........."

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